About Cook from Fresh Gluten Free recipes.

Fresh Gluten Free Cooking – I’m self taught cook mostly through trial and error and have been cooking ever since I could reach the range! It’s not rocket science, it is fun and only danger is that you can end up cooking better than a lot of restaurants out there. Unless it is a soufflé, the recipes you use should be a starting point, so don’t worry if you only have 120 grams of something and the recipe calls for 130… it will probably still work. You should feel free to adapt these ‘Cook From Fresh’ recipes to suit you and your taste buds – many can and have been adapted to suit the vegan friends I have that drop in for dinner every now and then.

Something is better than nothing

I’ll freely admit that not everything is 100% made from scratch, life is just too short to make your own stock for every meal so yes I do use things like liquid stock and cubes (Knorr makes good Gluten Free stock products but avoid oxo as they use flour [always check the ingredients though in case they change]). There is also a world of difference to making your own bolognaise sauce using fresh tomatoes when in season (or even a tin on toms) and using a load of fresh ingredients compared to buying a ready-made shite sauce that comes out of a jar.

I buy cheese I don’t make it myself – probably because as much as my wife wants a cow we don’t have a garden big enough also I’d probably just fire up the BBQ and cook the bloomin thing 🙂

Finally if it does all go wrong don’t worry, open a bottle of wine (it’s Gluten-free and vegan friendly) and order a take-away! (the odd one won’t kill you)  You can always try cooking again another day!

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