Apricot Chicken

So I had a few apricots left over from Christmas so decided to make a quick and easy stuffing and create this apricot chicken dish. It really is so yummy that I made it again a week later and this time remembered to take a couple of photos. The only complaint I had the first time is that there wasn’t enough jus from cooking the chicken in foil tents so this time I made a quick sauce to go with the dish.

Apricot chicken paste Ingredients:

Half onion
Handful raisins
12 apricots
2 chestnut mushrooms
1 Garlic clove
Fresh Thyme
Marsala wine
Black Pepper
Whizz up  in a hand mixer until it is nearly paste like in consistency. Reserve a couple of heaped teaspoons worth to use as the base of a sauce and then stuff  the rest into chicken breasts.

apricot chicken paste mix

Wrap the stuffed chicken breasts in Parma Ham and place on a square of foil about a foot long with a drop of olive oil and a splash of Marsala wine. Add a pinch more thyme and a twist of black pepper to season  then fold the foil up and seal the side by folding in twice to make a tent – place into a hot oven (180C) for about 30 mins.


For the sauce:

fry the reserved spoons of paste in a little butter until it starts to catch on the bottom of your pan – deglaze with a splash of Marsala and then add about 150ml light chicken stock. bring to the boils and then thicken slightly with cornflour. Add the juice from the chicken once you open the foil tents (be careful of the steam!)

Serve on a bed of steamed greens  I used Savoy cabbage but spinach would have worked well or even shredded kale with the sauce spooned around.


Apricot Chicken

Apricot chicken


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