Food Basics

Food Basics information that you might find of use especially if you are new to cooking:  So what I have aimed to do here is let you know what basic food ingredients you will typically find in my store cupboards. I hope that this might be of use to you if you are unsure about what basic food ingredients you should have in your cupboards. This is not a list of what you must have as the sort of things that you cook may not be the same as what I cook. That said, if like Mother Hubbard your store cupboards are bare then this might be of use to you.

Kitchen Equipment

Also there are a gazillion gadgets out there that are just a waste of time – many of them are supposed to save you time but if you take into account digging them our of a cupboard, setting them up and then the careful hand washing  afterwards you might as well of got your trusty sharp knife out and set about it by hand…

So in time I’ll also cover off some core equipment you will need and also what (gadgets that are actually worth the faff) would be good to have depending on space/money.