Oven Temperatures – Gas, Electric, Aga’s. All ovens differ so you will get used to your own so DO NOT BLINDLY follow a recipe book when it says stick something in the oven for 50 minutes if you are lucky it will be fine but chances are it will be a touch under or over cooked.  My Chocolate Raspberry Soufflé Melt is classic example of this 1 minute too little and it is far too runny, 1 minute over and it is cake!

Normally fan ovens can have the temperature reduced by 10-15°C as the circulating air speeds up cooking times – that said most ovens are fan ovens now so modern cook books are for fan ovens whereas an older book will say reduce temperature for a fan oven..

I’ll also sort out some proper tables so the info here is displayed better…. oh joy of coding HTML by hand!


Oven Temperatures

Gas Mark   |    °C    |  °F

1                140°C    275°F
2               150°C     300°F
3               170°C     325°F
4                180°C     350°F
5                190°C     375°F
6                200°C    400°F
7                220°C     425°F
8                230°C    450°F
9                240°C    475°F