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Sweet Chilli beef balls in red pepper sauce. (serves 3-4)


1 medium onion

2 red peppers

8 salad tomatoes

2 clove Garlic

30 ml Olive oil

60 g Full Fat Soft Cheese

250 g Gluten Free Pasta

400 g Beef Mince

30 g Sweet Chilli Sauce

8 Basil leafs


1-2 small red chillies – optional – to taste



First make the sauce (this can be made ahead of time and frozen if desired):

To make your Sweet Chilli beef balls roughly chop the onion, red peppers and the tomatoes and put into a roasting pan – add the olive oil and give it a stir up. Chuck it into an oven 180C for about 30-40 mins – stir half way though.

Transfer the roasted veg and the basil (and chili if using) to a blender, add about 100 ml of water into the roasting dish to deglaze it and stick that in the blender as well. Whizz it up for about 4 mins. should make about 800ml of sauce – if not top it up with a little water. you will only need half of the sauce so freeze the rest for another day.

(note: you can use a hand blender but if you do you will probably want to strain the sauce through a sieve.)

Turn on oven to 180C and put a pan of water onto boil for the pasta

Put the mince into a bowl – add the sweet chili sauce, a pinch of mixed herbs and a twist or two of black pepper. give it a good mix up with your hands and then start making beef balls – a bit bigger than a cherry tomato (about 20 grams for each ball – uncooked weight) and place them on a roasting dish.

Chuck them in the oven and after about 5 mins put the pasta on to cook.

When the pasta is cooked drain it and place to one side. Put the sauce into the pan and quickly heat through, add the pasta once it is warmed, give it a stir and divide onto plates. Take the beef balls out of the oven and split equally between plates.

If desired grate a little cheddar cheese on top of your Sweet Chilli beef balls and or have some garlic bread with it.

sweet chilli balls

I have started to use  Calorie Count to analyse the recipe and provide some figures to the food to help those on a calorie controlled intake – not an exact science but better than nothing…


Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 368 g
Amount Per Serving
Calories: 537
Calories from Fat: 131
% Daily Value*

Total Fat 

14.5g 22%

Saturated Fat 

3.1g 15%

Trans Fat 



 60mg 20%


99mg 4%


 736mg 21%

Total Carbohydrates 

73.0g 24%

Dietary Fiber 

4.2g 17%




Vitamin A 30% Vitamin C 78%
Calcium 1% Iron 91%
Nutrition Grade B+
* Based on a 2000 calorie diet
Sweet Chilli beef balls in red pepper sauce


I am self taught cook mostly through trial and error and have been cooking ever since I could reach the range! Father of three children.

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