The key to this Chocolate Raspberry Soufflé Melt dish is to know your oven and the size of soufflé bowl you are going to use as actual oven temperatures differ and bowl size and type will affect the cooking time – I pre-heat the oven to 180 °C and the soufflé is cooked for exactly 13 minutes.

So enjoy experimenting before hand (rather than trying this the first time at a dinner party!) and have lots of ramekins or soufflé dishes to hand to play with. The mix should rise slightly above the top of the dish and be firm on the top and outside but still liquid in the middle when served. So try cooking one for about 11 mins then take a peek inside – you will probably need to put it back in for another min or 2. If the centre of the dessert is beginning or has turned into a sponge consistency then you know you have gone too far – but don’t worry the experiment still tastes great! Also remember it is still going to cook a little after coming out of the oven so let the bowl stand for maybe 2 mins before plunging a spoon in

Although parts of the dish (Steps 1 & 2) can be pre-prepared the soufflé mix itself must be freshly prepared.


Chocolate Raspberry Soufflé Melt Ingredients

(Serves 6 medium sized soufflé bowls)

3 Eggs

50g of soft light brown muscovado sugar

200g of dark chocolate (at least 70-75% coca)

¾ Teaspoon of cinnamon

25ml measure of either Grand Marnier or Tia Maria or your favourite liqueur depending on your fancy

150 ml of extra thick double cream

About 200g of Raspberry’s (fresh or frozen) reserve a raspberry for each serving as presentation.

A little butter to rub onto the sides of the ramekins or soufflé bowls and then lightly dust with coco powder.


1.) Divide the raspberries into the buttered and dusted ramekins or soufflé bowls and gently crush them down to a lumpy pulp.

2.) Break the chocolate into equal sized pieces and place into a Bain Marie or into a bowl that can be placed above a saucepan of boiling water.


When ready to make the dish.        

3.) Make sure the oven is on and turn the heat on under the Bain Marie to melt the chocolate.

4.) Whisk the Eggs and the sugar together in a large bowl until they have increased in volume and turned into a creamy consistency (about 5-6 mins – by which time the chocolate should have melted)

5.) Whisk the cinnamon, the liqueur and the melted chocolate into the egg and sugar mix (note: the volume of the mix will drop)

6.) Stir the cream a few times in the pot to loosen it up then gently fold into the chocolate mix

7.) Divide into the soufflé bowls leaving about 1cm space to the top of the bowl

8.) Place into preheated oven and set the timer for the time you found to be best

Serve with a light dusting of icing sugar / coco powder over the top and a raspberry


Photo to come

Chocolate Raspberry Soufflé Melt


I am self taught cook mostly through trial and error and have been cooking ever since I could reach the range! Father of three children.

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