So Cookery Books, well there are an awful lot of them out there and a few of them are sitting on my book shelf in the kitchen. So reviews – only the good ones that are on my shelf will get an entry – no point reviewing the rubbish ones – other than saying it’s rubbish / or not really worth the buy! Also I am not just going to stick up every book I have – there should be a reason for it being on here.

Clicking on the book pictures will take you through to book on – by buying from the link helps me make a few pennies to buy more books to review! If you do that then I thank-you, if you don’t then no worries.

Cookery Books List

Gluten-free baking Cookery book cover
Seriously Good! Gluten-free Baking: In Association with Coeliac UK
This book is seriously good for gluten free baking – Phil has spent a lot of time creating 3 base flour mixes that are then used in a range of dishes throughout the rest of the book – his yorkshire pud recipe is so good that people don’t realise that they are eating GF puds at my Sunday roasts. For me a 5* book that is well worth the buy if you are a coeliac
Sauces Cookery book cover
Sauces: Sweet and Savoury, Classic and New
This was an early book on my shelf – for me much of the variety in cooking comes from the way you spice or dress the food you eat – chicken is chicken but that sauce you cook it / serve it with is what makes your meals different and never boring. I must admit that I don’t need to refer to this book very often any more but it was a huge inspiration to me when I first started to take cooking seriously. Once you understand how to make (the basic) great sauce then your only limitation is your mind.
Cookery book cover
Great Recipes of the World – A globe-trotting collection of fabulous dishes in 10 cookbooks.
Think this is out of stock but there are a few available from resellers. This is a great little collection of books bringing you dishes from 10 different areas of the world – really easy recipes that will expand the range of cooking. With this on your shelf you should never be stuck for what to cook
French Kitchen Cookery book cover
The French Kitchen: A Cookbook
This is another seriously good book – some really great simple dishes that you can take and make your own. Love love love the marbled double chocolate cheesecake (we make the base out of GF biscuits so it is suitable for my wife) and have made it to take to many a dinner party where you are sharing the cooking – always goes down a treat:)
Delia Smith Cookery book cover
Delia Smith’s Christmas
Where would we be without this woman hey? If cooking the Christmas dinner has you coming out in cold sweats then I really do recommend that you buy this book. Some great dishes that have graced my Christmas table every year have come from this book. It also contians countdown tips for timescales in the run-up to Christmas with how to get ahead (and fit in plenty of space for that all important glass of sherry) that means your Chirstmas will be a breeze – even if you are going for an all-out traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings Many of the dishes can be had at other times too so don’t think that this is just a once a year book.
Frankie Dettori Cookery book cover
Frankie Dettori’s Italian Family Cookbook
This is a book that blends the character of Frankie Dettori’s family’s traditional Italian home cooking and the supreme ability of one of the world greats in cooking, Marco Pierre White. Great introduction to Italian – there are others which have a lot more traditional recipes in them but this is an easy book to use. The crème brulee towards the back of the book – I have adapted to make a superb light Christmas pudding which I will add onto this site soon – but the orginal is worth buying the book for alone!
Jamie Oliver Cookery book cover
Jamie’s Dinners
Ok- This is not greatest of Jamie’s books but the reason it is here (other than the fact that there are some great recipes in it) is that it is aimed at the beginner to use simple ingredients to make good tasting food and also at getting kids interested in cooking and caring what they shovel down their gullets – if you are already a reasonable cook then maybe pass this one over or maybe borrow one from a friend to see if anything in there takes your fancy
Cake Angels Cookery book cover Cake Angels by Julia Thomas. This is a great book for Gluten, Wheat and dairy free cakes, the chocolate fudge cake is fantastic and works just as well without using the substitutes for dairy products (e.g. if you have no issue with dairy products then use normal milk and chocolate etc. My wife has used this as the base for many birthday cakes. (note: think I got it from WHSmiths as Amazon didn’t have it in stock)