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Love the taste of game so anyone fancy a game tart? Waitrose usually do a game mix around this time of year if not your local butcher should always have a good selection of game and you can make your own mix up.

Although this game tart is really yummy on its own you could also make my rich Raspberry Port Sauce


* about 600g of mixed game meat

1 garlic bulb – lightly roasted until the cloves are softening and then squeeze the garlic out of the skins

2 oz butter

* mixed herbs

* 6 juniper berries (lightly crushed)

* Bayleaf – fresh ideally

* Black Pepper

2 Finely diced Shallots

*Good glug of Sloe Gin (or port)

Raspberry vinegar (or cider vinegar)

250ml Stock

Handful of redcurrants + a good spoon of redcurrant jelly

1-2 long sweet red peppers – thinly sliced



marinade the the items marked with a * in the sloe Gin ideally overnight but at least for a good few hours.

blind bake a shortcrust pastry in a flan dish (if making yourself add a little mixed spice to the flour if using bought pastry then once you have rolled the pastry out and put into the flan dish dust with a little mixed spice. If you want a GF shortcrust pastry then buy Phil Vickery’s book Seriously Good! Gluten-free Baking: see my books page for a brief review)

Lightly fry the shallots in butter then add the meat and fry until cooked, deglaze the pan with a slug of raspberry vinegar any marinade liquid left over.

Add the stock and redcurrants then simmer until the liquid has reduced, then add 75ml sloe gin, the red currant jelly and stir though the roasted garlic and stir until the jelly has dissolved to a sticky glaze. season with a little salt and pepper.

turn the mix out into the blind baked flan dish and arrange the sliced red peppers over the top.

Bake for 20-25 mins – oven 180C 350F GasMark 4 or until the peppers start to brown (don’t over do it or they will be bitter!)

Serve with seasonal veg and potatoes – enjoy

Game Tart


I am self taught cook mostly through trial and error and have been cooking ever since I could reach the range! Father of three children.

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