As my wife is coeliac much my cooking, if not all, is Gluten Free Cooking. I will always use gluten free versions of flours / pasta / stocks etc and where possible I will link to the resources where we buy from if they are not readily available.That said supermarkets have improved their rage of Gluten Free products over the years so there isn’t really a need to go to specialist producers as the decent ones are in the major stores

If I mention a specific product or shop it is because that is where we buy GF products from and it is not because we have any affiliations with them. A lot of GF stuff out there is pretty poor so if we find good tasting stuff then we will happily let others know about it.

Gluten Free Cooking Links

In the meantime to find out more about Coeliacs then visit :
Really like Dove Farm and their GF range of goods Things like there Xanthan Gum / Vit C / rice flour etc are always in our stock cupboard for baking with.