So I sat down to go through all the gluten free recipes that I needed to add to the site and realised that less that half of them are already on here. In an effort to make it easier for you, the reader, to find a yummy gluten free recipe I thought I ought to create this list page.

Recently a few of my friends went all vegan on me which is no big deal as some of my dishes were either already vegan or easy to adapt to be vegan suitable!!  I’m in the process of tweaking / amending those and will add a (Vegan) beside the ones that I have checked below or just use the search / categories)

Last year I realised that I only had a small selection of recipes on my site and that I ought to put more on the site… well that year is nearly over so best I go get cooking and writing down more gluten free and vegan recipes for you to all enjoy in 2017 🙂


Roasted Butternut squash and Bacon Soup
Broccoli & Brie Soup
Basil infused vegetable soup
Mushroom and truffle soup (Vegan)
Chicken and Sweetcorn soup with pan-fried mushrooms
Chestnut, Leek and Apple Soup (Vegan)
Gammon and Pea Soup
Gazpacho Soup (Vegan)


Sweet chilli chicken in little Gem lettuce leaf
Basil’s Turkey Balls
Bejewelled Gems (Vegan)


Game Tart

Slow roasted Beef on Wasabi pea crush
Pot Slow-Roast Beef with Oregano
Stir Fried Beef
Sweet Chilli Beef balls in Red Pepper Sauce


Veal in Bramble Port sauce
Veal in Chilli Port Salsa

Moroccan Lamb and Rice.
Mus-Sa-Man Curry
Shepherds Pie

Stuffed Chicken with Parsnip & Chestnut Sauce
Caribbean Chicken in a Mango and Rum Sauce
Vanilla Chicken
Pot Roast Chicken with lentils and sun dried tomatoes
Thai Green Curry


Slow cooked Rabbit in Tarragon hot pot

Chinese 5 spice sweet soy sauce with pork

Mango salad salsa (Vegan)

Braised Red Cabbage
Spicy Savoy Cabbage (Vegan)
Fried Courgette (Vegan)
Fragrant Rice (Vegan)


Chocolate Raspberry Soufflé Melt

Sauces, Dips, Marinades & Dressings

Chinese Plum Sauce (Vegan)
Teriyaki sauce (Vegan)
Richies’ Rich Chicken Sauce
Creamy Apple & Sage Cider Sauce
Spiced Brine for Pork joints
Really nice salad dressing (Vegan)
Mus-Sa-Man Curry-Paste
Champagne and Calvados Sauce
Raspberry Port Sauce

Jam & Chutney

Spiced Rhubarb Chutney (Vegan)



Mulled Wine
gRUMble cooler
Home-made lemonade
My Christmas Cocktail