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So I decided to design a cocktail that made me think of Christmas and after a little bit of thought I came up with My Christmas Cocktail. The first one tasted great – I thought about it a little more and decided that although it was pretty damn good as it was I felt it needed a slight modification. Had a second one just to make sure and yup – this is a winner….. I’m drinking the third one while I write this post…and I am looking forward to testing it on the Morgans tomorrow night 😉

This cocktail only contains two shots of alcohol but as any decent barman will tell you cocktails are a fine balance between alcohol and the carrier – adding more booze doesn’t make a cocktail better, quite often it ruins what is a perfect delicate blend.

My Christmas Cocktail Ingredients

My Christmas Cocktail

(Based on a martini glass that holds about 260ml of liquid)

25ml Gingerbread Rum (see note below)
25ml Bacardi
75ml Clementine juice (NFC)
75ml Cranberry juice
Dash Angostura bitters

8-10 lightly crushed Cloves
1/2″ Cinnamon stick
slice or two of fresh ginger (thickness of a £1 coin)
pinch of ground cinnamon

sliver of clementine peel

Put all the ingredients except the peel into a cocktail shaker with 5 ice cubes and shake vigorously for 30 seconds or so to really chill the drink. Then strain the drink through a sieve (to catch the crushed up cloves) into Martini glass that has had the rim dusted with Vanilla sugar. Roll a twist of orange peel over the top of the drink to release the oils and drop into the glass and serve.


The Gingerbread Run that I have came from M&S – basically it is flavoured with ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg so if you don’t have this to hand use Havana club and add an extra slice of fresh ginger and a pinch of freshly grated nutmeg to the shaker. If you can’t get hold of the rum you can always make your own in advance by throwing a thumb of ginger – peeled and chopped into slices, a cinnamon stick and some nutmeg and a dozen cloves into a bottle of Havana Club and leave for a week or two before you need it – give it a shake each day [I think I will do that today to a couple of bottles and will report back in a few weeks]

My tub of caster sugar has several vanilla pod husks in it that have infused a light vanilla flavour into the sugar – put a couple of spoons of sugar onto a plate and then wet the rim of your glass with half a clementine segment, invert the glass onto the plate and swirl it around the sugar to get the frosted effect.

Drink sensibly and enjoy My Christmas Cocktail 😉

My Christmas Cocktail


I am self taught cook mostly through trial and error and have been cooking ever since I could reach the range! Father of three children.

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