This raspberry port sauce is another yummy concoction that is great for duck or any other game bird – It should also work with Wild Boar or as a sauce for my Gluten Free Game Tart.

This makes enough for at least 4 people

Ingredients for Raspberry Port Sauce

1oz butter

1 small onion finely sliced

125g fresh Raspberries

½ orange ~ juice and the peel (thinly with potato peeler)

350ml 10 year old port

500ml game and vegetable stock

25ml Raspberry Vinegar

pinch of mixed spice

Additional butter to gloss and thicken.



Soften the onions over a medium heat in the butter for a few minutes,

Add the Raspberries and fry for a few minutes then deglaze with the raspberry vinegar.

Add the rest of the ingredients’ rapid boil to reduce by ½ – skim if needed season with salt and pepper

Strain into a heated Bain Marie and keep warm until required. Or;


Bring to simmer and whisk in cubes of chilled butter to gloss and thicken or use thickening granules (Potato Starch) and just one cube of butter to gloss. If required add another small splash of raspberry vinegar to suit the meat.

Raspberry Port Sauce


I am self taught cook mostly through trial and error and have been cooking ever since I could reach the range! Father of three children.

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