This is a Really nice salad dressing that is great poured over a grated carrot and flaked almond salad. You might want to adjust the amounts slightly in the base dressing mix to suit your taste buds – if it is too acidic just add a little more oil. The dressing is best made a few days before you want to use it as a little time helps the flavours meld…..

Really nice salad dressing Base mix

– use a funnel to put it straight into a bottle and then shake it up!

10 fl oz white wine vinegar ( warmed a little to help the sugar dissolve)
5 fl oz sunflower oil
5 fl oz sugar (caster)
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon english mustard powder (colman’s mustard powder is GF but the ready made stuff isn’t!!)
1 teaspoon pepper (fresh ground)

From the base mix above which is perfectly good to use I do like to add different flavours to suit what I am using the dressing for;

  • Add a splash of balsamic vinegar
  • Use red wine or cider vinegar as the base
  • Use a mix of sunflower and nut oil, olive oil, sesame seed oil etc to give more flavour or add a splash of truffle oil if you have it
  • Chopped FRESH herbs of one sort or another
  • Add a raw crushed garlic clove to the mix or 2 roasted for subtle flavour
  • Put a whole chilli into the dressing bottle to add bite – top and tailed – to allow through flow of dressing when shaking it up!
  • Squeeze thick slices of Lemon peel into the bottle and a fresh Bay leaf or two.
Really nice salad dressing


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