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Roast Gammon and parsley sauce


When making Roast Gammon and Parsley Sauce, rather than buying a gammon from the supermarket I always prefer to buy one from my local butcher where they know how it’s been salted and can advise on how long you should soak it for. Ideally you should refresh the water halfway through the soaking time to draw out as much of the salt as possible. (usually soak over night – refresh the water in the morning and soak for a few more hours before cooking).

Although you can roast the gammon from raw I find it is best twice cooked, first boiled then roasted so that the meat is tender. (Some of the liquor from the boiling can be used with any leftover meat to make my Gammon and Pea Soup the following day.)

So first  simmer the gammon in a couple litres of fresh water with a couple of bay leafs, a few cloves and black peppercorns, a clove of garlic, an onion and a carrot for a couple of hours. Remove the gammon to a roasting dish and drain the liquor into a clean pan and discard the onions etc.

Gammon in a pan


Then you can roast the gammon in a hot oven for about 30-40 mins, just add glaze onto gammon for the last 10 minutes to ensure the sugar content of the glaze doesn’t burn. Depending on my mood I either use honey or maple syrup as the base of the glaze to which I add a teaspoon on Coleman’s mustard powder (the powder is gluten free – but the ready mixed stuff isn’t) and 4-6 cloves ground up.


Roast Gammon


While the gammon is roasting, rapidly boil the remaining cooking liquid until it just becomes too salty or reduced to about 750ml. – use half to make the parsley sauce and you can use the other half to make Gammon and Pea soup.  To make the parsley sauce add a pot medium pot of cream to the half  of the reserved liquid saved for the parsley suace, along with a big bunch of chopped up curly parsley and a good twist of fresh ground black pepper.

Parsley Sauce

Roast Gammon and Parsley Sauce


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